De Toren Private Cellar


De Toren Private Cellar, the iconic boutique producer nestled on the Polkadraai Hills outside of Stellenbosch, has been consistently hailed as one, if not the finest, Bordeaux style blend producers in the country.

With its unique gravity driven tower and the biodynamic practices used throughout the entire winemaking process, the finished products have garnered local and international recognition over the years, that included 5 Stars in John Platter Guide, being rated as the 68th top wine in the world and nominated for New World Winery of the Year by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.


De Toren - Z - 750ml gift carton 2012De Toren Z was the second wine released, with the first vintage in 2004. The name “Z” (pronounced ‘Zee’) refers to the ‘Zephyr’ wind; the cooling sea breeze that sweeps its way through this specific vineyard block, which has adopted the same name. Similar to DE TOREN’s FUSION V, the blend comprises of only the five noble Bordeaux varietals, but the block’s soil, which is higher in clay content, lends itself more to the flavor profiles of Merlot. It’s early ripening characteristics, lower tannin content and more fruit-forward flavours make up the backbone of this wine; a minimum of 50% of the final blend.

“A dark deep colour with a voluptuous floral flavour and fine notes of refined spices on the nose. Tasting this aromatic wine reveals subtle oak flavours with well integrated soft tannins. Tantalizingly sweet with a hint of aniseed, liquorice, raspberry and cranberries lending a fresh acidity to a polished round finish.”

De Toren - Fusion - 2013 - 750ml - gift carton

De Toren Fusion V was the first wine released, with the maiden vintage in 1999. The name refers to the ‘fusing’ together of the five Bordeaux varietals; Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Merlot and Malbec. The FUSION V vineyards have soils with a higher gravel content, favouring the growing of Cabernet Sauvignon, and receive long afternoon sun exposure resulting in deeper colour and flavour intensities. Cabernet Sauvignon is the backbone of this wine and it makes up between 50-60% of the final blend.

“A dark intense colour reveals levels of fine spices and an array of flavours combined. Intensive Black fruit, wood tannins combine with well integrated ripe grape tannins to create an intense wine has never been achieved before. A powerful earthy wine with an elegant palate that has a long, sweet finish with a creamy richness”

De Toren Delicate over the last three years the team began to notice that certain pockets within their vineyards were producing lighter and softer flavours in the grape, this phenomenon gives us the opportunity to create something different; and La Jeunesse was born. A light, youthful easy drinking wine ideal for summer time drinking as it offers all of the typical red wine fruit flavours with none of the heaviness of a traditional wine. Served chilled, it is ideal for casual sipping in the summer sun….

“Imagine the sensual pleasure of fresh, ripe, red strawberries combined with rose petals, marshmallows and the mystical aroma of cinnamon. The gentle tannins and delicate balance of acidity gives this wine its unique character – one of being fresh, youthful and light”

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