Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka


Poland is widely regards as the birthplace of vodka – with over 600 years of vodka making tradition passed on from generation to generation…

Zubrowka follows the sophisticated art of distillation, a unique double step spirit production process compared to most vodkas that are solely produced from continuous distillation. This gentle distillation process allows the spirit to retain an exceptional rye character, rich flavour and natural sweetness. The Bison Grass is harvested by hand and allowed to dry naturally, spread on large screens. The alcohol then flows through the grass for several days creating an aromatic essence which can then be blended with the pure vodka to create Zubrowka’s distinctive, aromatic nature and greenish-yellow colour.


The Biotoweiza Forest, located in North East Poland, produces Zubrowka’s critical ingredient – the Bison Grass and is the home to the “Zubr”, the endangered native Bison of Poland of which only 400 currently survive.

A dry, aromatic vodka, incredibly soft and clean on the palate with a distinct lingering coconut…

Zubrowka can be drunk over ice to explore its complexity, but is also sensational when combined with apple juice, cucumber & mint or even pear and chocolate flavours.


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