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“One of Scotland’s most innovative and acclaimed whisky makers”

BBC Good Food Magazine  


Hailed as revolutionizing the world of Scotch Whisky – the man behind Compass Box – John Glaser, is known as the “bad boy” of the whisky world…

With their innovative take on blends, an unique fascination with oak and eye catching & memorable names and style – Compass Box has won over the traditional whisky drinker as well as introduced whisky to a whole new market.


The Great King Street Range

Artist’s Blend is a blended scotch for malt drinkers. Made from the finest quality grain whisky blended with richest single malt, and aged in first fill French oak, sherry and Bourbon casks it offers a elegantly easy drinking dram to both whisky novices and connoisseurs alike. 

Winner of “Best Blended Whisky of the Year” 2011 by Malt Advocate Magazine, and awarded 93pts by the Jim Murray Whisky Bible.

In the Glasgow Blend you’ll find a rich vein of peaty-smokiness, underpinned by sherry cask-aged whiskies, full of dried fruit and wine character. The palate is full and round, with a sweetness typical of whiskies from our company

GK_Artists Blend 375 UntouchedGreat King Duo 500mlGK_Glasgow Blend 375 Untouched lo resGreat King Street 70cl Share & Enjoy glasses lo-res


Compass Box Oak Cross is so named due to the unique combination of two different types of oak into one barrel – a first for the whisky industry – combining both French & American oak for a smooth and perfectly balanced dram.

92.5pts Jim Murray Whisky Bible

OakCross-Box & Bottle_MG_2118 lo


Compass Box Spice Tree is the bad boy of the Scotch Whisky world having been originally banned by the Scotch Whisky Association for its out of the box thinking. John is not a man to give up easily though, and as such, reinvented this cult classic whisky using their unique combination oak barrels to give the same big, bold, christmas cake flavours, but without the legal red tape.

95.5pts Jim Murray Whisky Bible, “A Stunning Whisky” 

SpiceTree-Box & Bottle_MG_2117 lo


Compass Box Peat Monster has fast become a memorable and much loved dram in bars & restaurants around the world. With its unapologetic smoke driven flavour profile you certainly cannot ever forget your first taste, and it is the perfect bold digestif whisky to finish off an evening.

82 pts Jim Murray Whisky Bible, “A bullish classic” – Details Magazine

ThePeatMonster-Box & Bottle_MG_2156 lo


Compass Box Hedonism is a rare blend of aged grain whiskies, on average around 20 years old in this case, carefully bolstered in oak. This limited release product is something for the whisky drinker that thinks they have tried it all – its soft, smooth, creamy texture is almost marshmallow like in flavour, which makes it a beautifully elegant dram to enjoy either before or after a meal.

91pts Jim Murray Whisky Bible, “The First Classic of its Genre” – Whisky Magazine

Hedonism-Box & Bottle_MG_3218 lo


Compass Box Orangerie was made yet again to push the traditional whisky boundaries. A Scotch Whisky Infusion, here they have added fresh orange peel, cinnamon & cloves to the single malt as it lay in oak to enhance those traditional citrus and spice flavours and make this innovative tipple dangerously easy drinking.

“Addictive and disgracefully drinkable” – Wine Magazine

Orangerie and carton lo res


Compass Box also produces various once off, limited release whiskies such as Flaming Heart, Peat Monster Cask Strength, This is not a Luxury Whisky and Hedonism Maximus, which do become available from time to time, but then sell out fast! Should you be interested in these, please contact our sales team for more information on their availability.

PeatMonsterCaskStrength PS Flaming Heart BottleHedonismQuindecimusLuxury Whisky

For more detailed information on these products please visit our downloads page, or for further information please visit the Compass Box Website

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