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The Trijol family first settled in the Cognac region in 1859 and since then, five generations have ensured the masterful art of distilling and creating award winning Cognacs have not been lost. With complete mastery and control over all stages involved in the Cognacs process, they are genuine specialists in Cognac and achieving a taste of perfection.

The Grande Champagne range of cognacs are crafted from the first growth of this acclaimed Cognac region and are the first of their kind to be readily available in South Africa.

The range of products includes three tiers namely, Elegance (V.S), V.S.O.P and the X.O.

GCH_EleganceMaxime Trijol Elegance is the V.S “Very.Special”  cognac within the range, which by law the youngest cognac must be two years old. Maxime Trijol believes that ageing is key to flavour development and complexity and as such decided to age their spirit much longer than the normal requirements, and as such this Elegance is a blend on average of 10 year old cognacs.

“A remarkable finesse, with a floral fruity bouquet showing some subtle oaky spice. Quite long on the palate, good balance and harmony between the fruit and spirit give this cognac structure and finesse.”


GCH_VSOP_regular_boxMaxime Trijol V.S.O.P (“Very Superior Old Pale”) is a blend of approximately 15 year old Cognacs, instead of the 4 year old Cognacs most V.S.O.P cognacs consist of. This is the worldwide best seller from the Maxime Trijol range as it offers a variety of flavours that both men and women, and cognac novices and aficionado’s alike enjoy.

“Both virile and subtle spice balanced nose. Mellow, dense, lovely typical fruit on mid palate with an almost perfect length. A very elegant cognac to be enjoyed after your meal”



GCH_XO_regular_boxMaxime Trijol X.O. (“Extra Old”) is an amazing blend of 30 year old Cognacs, which gives significantly more flavour than the regularly 6 year old cognacs also marketed under this age label.

“A full bodied nose of aromatic richness and hints of liquorice and touches of vanilla and cedar wood. Full in the mouth, mellow and opulent with notes of dried fruit and spicy oak. Good length on the palate with a very smooth, layered finish.”

















For more detailed information on these products please visit our downloads page, or for further information please visit the Maxime Trijol website.